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accounting degree requirements

major requirements b.s. in accounting degree

84 credit hours

course prefix and number

course names

credit per course

ac130 accounting perspectives 1
ac202 principles of accounting i 3
ac203 principles of accounting ii 3
ac300 intermediate accounting i 3
ac301 intermediate accounting ii 3
ac310 cost accounting 3
ac311 federal taxation 3
ac316 accounting information systems 3
ac408 auditing 3
ac409 advanced accounting 3
ac412 gov’t, nep and fiduciary accounting 3
ac416 international accounting 3
ba300 business law i 3
ba301 business law ii 3
ba312 quantitative business analysis 3
cm101 public speaking 3
ec201 microeconomics 3
ec202 macroeconomics 3
ec300 finance 3
ec302 investments 3
ma102 intermediate algebra 3
ma111 pre-calculus i 4
ma201 intro to statistical methods 3
ma211 calculus i 4
mg206 principles of management 3
mk204 principles of marketing 3
ph300 business ethics 3
py100 intro to psychology 3

free electives

7 credit hours

total credit hours: 124
* a grade of c or better is required.

proposed course schedule